12/3/18: Congratulations to Dr. Ade for being one of Web of Science’s Highly Cited Researchers for 2018.

11/20/18: Ade Group has been awarded the AIF 2018 Best Paper Award for the paper “Quantitative relations between interaction parameter, miscibility and function in organic solar cells”.

10/9/18: We are very pleased to announce that Long Ye’s paper: Miscibility–Function Relations in Organic Solar Cells: Significance of Optimal Miscibility in Relation to Percolation, has been published in Advanced Energy Materials as the cover paper!

5/3/2018: Dr. Ade has been awarded the Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence, the highest honor awarded by the University and its Board of Trustees! Read more about it on the NCSU webpage.

4/26/2018: Congratulations to our two undergraduate researchers, Johnathan Turner and Annette Gray, for winning the McCormick Research Award and second place in the McCormick poster awards respectively!











3/29/2018: Dr. Ade was recently interviewed by Rahim Munir from KAUST on the strengths and weaknesses of OPV, specifically the areas that OPV can compete with traditional silicon solar cells such as flexibility and transparency. Read more about the interview here.

2/19/2018: Our collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany has resulted in the first ever polymer monolayer based integrated circuit. Read more here.


2/5/2018: New Approach Could Quickly Identify Best Organic Solar Cell Mixtures – (news report)

1/21/2018: Our collaborative work with Prof. Jianhui Hou group on new record-efficiency (13.7%) polymer solar cells is accepted for publication in Advanced Materials.

1/10/2018: We report a new record-efficiency in nonfullerene polymer solar cells by blade-coating in air with a nonhalogenated solvent.


11/16/2017: Congratulations Prof. Ade. Prof. Harald Ade has been named a 2017 Highly Cited researcher by Clarivate Analytics. According to the Clarivate news, Prof. Ade ranks among the top 150 researchers most cited in Material Science, earning the mark of exceptional impact. Prof. Ade’s research interests span synchrotron-based soft X-ray characterization of the morphology of polymer and carbon materials, development of flexible and cheap organic photovoltaics and transistors.

11/29/2016: New Fabrication Technique Leads to Broader Sunlight Absorption in Plastic Solar Cells – (news report)

9/29/2016: Food additives key to environmentally friendly, efficient, plastic solar cells – (news report)


9/26/2016: The next generation of greenhouses may be power plants – (news report)


8/22/2016: Congratulations to Xuechen on his Nature Energy paper with Nicola Gasparini and othersnature-energy

7/8/2016: Driving towards more efficient solar cells – (news report)