Resources and Background Papers



The following links are to various sources with useful information or data pertaining to techniques that the Ade group utilizes.

Small angle scattering and Porod’s Law: LINK  LINK

Porod’s Law describes the functional form of the scattering intensity for normal flat interfaces at high q values. This law, coupled with an understanding of normal small angle x-ray scattering, is essential for understanding the basics of RSoXS measurements.

Henke data and absorption cross-section: LINK 

The photoabsorption cross-section of an element is dictated by the imaginary component of the atomic scattering factor, which in turn has been measured or calculated for each element on the periodic table. The photoabsorption of a more complex chemical, such as the many different polymers and small molecules used by the Ade group, cannot be completely described by the bare atom photoabsorption due to the interactions and bonds between atoms. Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) measurements can take the bare atom photoabsorption data as a pre- and post-edge baseline in order to convert measured optical densities into mass absorption.

>Background Papers

The following links are to papers which describe various methods and techniques that the Ade group regularly utilizes in great detail. Please note that access to these papers requires journal subscriptions.

RSoXS beamline instrumentation: LINK

STXM and NEXAFS analysis fundamentals: LINK