• Phenomenological structure-function relations in OPVs revealed with R-SoXS, P-SoXS and GIWAXS 

Using R-SoX, P-SoXS and GIWAXS to understand the morphology

  • Thermodynamics drivers of morphology in OPVs and relation to performance (DSC, miscibility, etc.)

Using DSC, STXM miscibility, and DSIMS to understand the thermodynamics

  • Charge dynamics (TAS collaboration with Gundogdu)

Using TAS to understand the charge dynamics

  • Novel Device Processing

Achieving high PCEs via green printing approach using scalable compatible printing methods (Blade-coating and Slo-die coating).

Sequentially-cast binary or ternary devices (SeCaT)

  • Technology integration: OPV/Greenhouse

Integrated Greenhouse with OPV